"Intimately captures an array of open-minded and strong women regaining ownership over the childbirth experience in its most natural setting."

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(excerpt from interview)
W&H: What do you want people to think about when they are leaving the theater?

JJ: I would like people to think about the journey they have taken with the people in the film — into lives they wouldn’t otherwise have seen — [and] that they [feel as if they ] haven’t been shouted at, or bombarded with facts — that they have spent time with people and been given the space to think about what they experienced.



"Kudos to Juliet Jordan for making a film that demonstrates all that is important and valuable in midwifery! Across the landscape of three births in NYC, Jordan brings forth the message that the "Midwifery Model of Care" is a gold standard we should recognize, applaud, and support for all birthing women. ...
Jordan has shown us through the power of imagery that Midwives play an essential role in the birth world and that their presence and voice is growing in strength. Supporting midwifery is needed even more so today in the climate of rising intervention rates and potentially frightening restrictions on women’s health platforms. 
We at Choices in Childbirth encourage women of all ages, whether in their birthing years or not, to watch this film and begin their own dialogue on the importance of these topics and we ask all who are interested to speak even more vehemently today than ever."


Tamara Wrenn, Executive director, The Foundation to Advance Midwifery

“The film Miriam: Home Delivery portrays midwifery from a realistic day to day perspective and not a fairytale world that too many people believe midwives and their clients live in. This film shows the length that midwives go to taking care of their clients. It also shows that homebirth is not about perfection but it's also for women who have real concerns and real life issues to deal with.... We want all women who desire a midwife, and maybe even a home birth, to feel empowered to have one.”

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Patricia Burkhardt, Licensed Midwife, Dr PH

"The portrayal of midwifery care and philosophy is beautifully done. The cultural elements of the different families are outstanding. The interaction of midwife and families and the continuous shared decision making, one of the key elements of home birth and midwifery care, are exquisitely portrayed. ... [Miriam's] constant positive reinforcement of the mom's ability to go through both the pregnancy and the labor and birth are at the heart of midwifery philosophy."


Susanrachel Condon, Licensed Midwife

"Midwifery is health care in the hands of the women receiving it. No one demonstrates this better than Miriam. Viewing this film is a rare opportunity to witness the art, science and philosophy of this ancient practice unfolding. Wonderful film!"

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Carol O'Donoghue, Certified Nurse Midwife

"A thoughtful film bearing witness to women, their partners and their midwife, Miriam, as they navigate their birth experiences. The competency, compassion, tenacity and integrity with which Miriam practiced the art of midwifery impressed me. Miriam makes a very difficult task look easy. This film inspires me to attend to women with the same dedication, intelligence, and patience in my own midwifery practice as does Miriam."

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Ellen Chuse, Certified Childbirth Educator and Birth Counselor, Past President Childbirth Education Association of Metropolitan New York

"Miriam brings the essence of midwifery - the long history of women being with women - into 21st century New York City. Quietly supportive, acknowledging individual needs and concerns of women and families - midwifery as it was meant to be."

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Elizabeth Varaso, Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator | DONA Certified Birth Doula

"This film offers the delightful gift of witnessing a midwife in both the ordinary and extraordinary moments that make up her life's work, and offers an oxytocin high for anyone who savors the beauty of birth."