Sun April 10, 2016

15.30 | Parque México Mexico City


Tue April 12,2016

17.00 | Universidad del Claustro de Sor Juana


Sat April 16, 2016

19.00 | Centro Cultural San Pablo


Thur April 28, 2016

10.30 | Universidad Iberoamericana Puebla

Ambulante's objective is to promote documentary film within Mexico and reach a broader audience by screening films in a wide array of venues.  Our festival is directed towards the general public rather than to a specialized industry audience.  We want to make documentary film accessible to all, hence the itinerant character distinguishes Ambulante in how it brings documentaries to areas where people would otherwise not be able to see these types of film.  To further promote accessibility, 60% of the screenings and events are free.  The festival involves individuals from a range of fields.  In addition to film, we seek to incorporate theater and music in order to encompass a spectrum of broad manifestations of culture.  Parallel activities, special screenings, and live performances are featured at the festival.  It is currently the film festival with the largest scope in Mexico.